Monday, 22 July 2013

Stop T20`s Tacky In Play Interviews

Readers are aware the KT is a cricket fan, KT loves test cricket and even tho not so much of a fan KT watches ODI cricket and domestic T20 (KT believes that cricket should be a fair contest between bat and ball, in ODI cricket the bias is in favor of the batsman and therefore not a fair contest between bat and ball), however KT does buy into it as it does attract younger fans and is great entertainment, KT can buy into the dancers,the bouncy castles and the off field entertainment.

Ultimately the one thing that will make sure that people come back is the product, the game, the batting bowling and fielding and this is where i have a beef, before the game starts you have the coin toss and interviews with captains at the end of each innings a player is interviewed so why on earth do we have in play interviews with players? First of all i like the Umpires being miked up and listening to what they say (the exchange between Lancs bowler and umpire a few weeks ago), but players? how much more tacky can we make this? What other sport interviews players while they are playing, we are forever told that players take T20 seriously and with the IPL contracts on offer there is a lot riding on it.

I mean seriously imagine suggesting Messi while on the pitch for Barcalona or Andy Murray in between sets at Wimbledon should be interviewed by people commentating on the game. How are players meant to concentrate 100% when at any moment Nick Knight suddenly comes through in there ear? Last week we had Nick Knight suggesting field positions to player on field which makes this look amateur and a joke.

The product on the pitch is what will make people come back, let the players give 100% in taking part in that and then after the game interview them.

Let the players play and the commentators commentate but please stop this tacky and crass section of the coverage.

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