Thursday, 25 July 2013

Red Ed`s Labour Follow New Labour And Ukuncut

The other day KT showed you how Ukuncut are hypocrites when it comes to tax avoidance ( Link ) (KT`s favorite was them moaning about tax avoidance in the tax avoiding Guardian)

But today the Times shows another spot of hypocrisy, They say the the Labour party has avoided tax :
Lets see what Ed Miliband said about tax avoidance a little while ago :

So Ed Miliband (tax avoider) leads a party that tax avoids and promotes a tax avoiding media out let (The Guardian)  yet claims tax avoidance is wrong, round KT`s way that`s what we call a hypocrite!

Update : Here is a Labour shadow minster on tax avoidance row a few years ago :
via liarpoliticians
So will Ed and Labour pay "their fair share" and "come clean"  or claim that as it is "within the rules" its OK for them.....

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  1. Stupid boy.

    The Labour Party hasn't avoided tax, it just doesn't have any taxable profits. Yes, it has a surplus, but that is because most of its income comes from donations, which are not taxable. Corporation yax only arises on the profits and gains from trading or investments (after deducting any allowable expenses).