Monday, 1 July 2013

At Least The Lib Dems Voting Record On EU Referendum Will Be Consitent

In the Guardian they say Lib Dems will abstain on whether we, the taxpaying public should be allowed to have a say on EU membership :

 " Alexander confirmed on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that his party plans to abstain from the debate. "We won't be there," he said, pointing out that he had voted for measures that would already give the public a vote "if there [was] any transfer of power in treaties from Britain to the European Union". 

This is a the same Lib Dems lead by Nick Clegg who in the past said this :

via Paul Abbott

The PM at the time Gordon Brown said  :

" The Prime Minister: By not walking out of the House of Commons, for a start. By not saying that there is a principle in abstention when it comes to a European issue. I tell the right hon. Gentleman that we will lead the agenda on the future of Europe, and that we will lead on the environment, international development, the approach to globalisation and security. There is not much principle in recommending abstention."

Mr Alexander (in the Guardian today) then says this :

 "It was wrong to waste our influence in Europe by going after nation-specific repatriation rather than using our influence in Europe to build up the European economy that will improve job creation and growth prospects across Europe. We know from the eurozone that is what is knocking our economy back so much."

Your were the future once Nick, now you are just as discredited as the party you attacked in the video all those years ago!

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