Saturday, 20 July 2013

Introducing An EDL Moron

This is via junayed_ , beware you will end up laughing at this moron :)


  1. No -- I didn't laugh. The fact that she's inarticulate and has a northern accent doesn't mean she's wrong. Her main point is entirely correct: if you want to be British we will welcome you with open arms; if you simply want to live here while remaining loyal to your old country / culture, then you are our ENEMY. Call it the Tebbit test, if you must. Either integrate or fuck off! I fail to see anything remotely controversial about that.

  2. so the person has to be loyal to the country they are in.

    Do whites integrate with muslims? do rich integrate with poor?

    But you think you should dictate to Muslims how they should behave to your standards.....

  3. The country he is in? No. The country of which he is a citizen, and in which he is entitled to vote? Yes. Any country that fails to demand this invites its own destruction.