Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dont Forget That Mic There Kathleen

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Maybe if the launch of the Obamacare and its website was not a disaster she would not have been there......

Labour Support Unqualified Teachers

Labour lost todays opposition debate on unqualified teachers , before the debate shadow education sec tweeted this :

Back in 2009 ,Ed Balls (childrens sec) revealed this :

Labour, happy with unqualified teachers in power yet oppose them when in opposition.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Thats One Hell Of A Hashtag

Understood ;) 

No Need To Worry About Press Freedom

Politicians would agree of course.....

Monday, 28 October 2013

Everbody Wants To Pay More Taxes

Well according Harry Reid that is .....

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Meanwhile on planet Earth.....

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hitler Birthday Cake

Some people like "Thomas the tank engine" on their cake others may prefer their favorite popstar but for this man from ireland he had Hitler reports Irish Central :

The man was asked on radio if he admired Hitler, his response is jaw dropping :

'I admire Hitler because his army was so disciplined and he had great command over the people, and he fought for the people of his country. He was behind them, like, and they were behind him. It took three nations to beat him, like, and you know, he must have had some power.'

'And all the people that he burned?' asked the interviewer?

'Yes, well, that was the sinister thing about him. Behind that as well – and I don’t want to go into politics – but apparently there are two sides to every story and I heard that the other side of the story, the people that he, am, ah, put to death were spoiling the economy of his country by devaluing the Deutschmark.'

 KT was hoping this was a sick joke but it seems to be genuine, its at times like this my faith in humanity is tested.....

UK Energy Policy

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It had to be said!

Friday, 25 October 2013

ObamaCare : The Website Will Never Work

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Kinda catchy ;)

Plebgate Is The Best Ever Thing To Happen For Young People

The Huff Post reports this story about the "plebgate" affair.

" "The plebgate scandal was only a matter of time, because there have been so many young people who have experienced exactly this kind of behaviour at the hands of the police."

David van Eeghen of the Kids Company charity goes onto say :

" "For it to have actually happened to a public servant is probably the best thing that could have ever happened to our young people and hopefully they will see that change can happen."

With this and the incidents of journos paying the police for info it seems the police are becoming a law unto themselves......

Reckless Twitter Fail

 Not as good as the famous "Ed Balls" tweet ;)

What Corld Cup?

Maybe those at the labour supporting outlet should go back to school!

Thats Not Cricket!

Disgraceful behavior by South African bowl Vernon Philander in the Test match against Pakistan

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The ball was changed and 5 penalty runs given but KT has to ask why a experienced cricketer would do such a thing when cameras are everywhere these days?

Ed Miliband`s Vison Of A One Nation Britain

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Dont have nightmares ;)

Marine LePen "UKIP Are A Bit Immature"

While KT was listening to this interview KT heard a interesting line :

You would not allow an immature person to run a company so why would you want an immature party to run the country?

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Nick Clegg Summed Up By Cameron

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Nick Clegg, leading the Lib Dems from being the third party to being the turd party!

Van Rompuy The Blanker!

Some say Van Rompuy has nothing to say and he is a faceless nobody, well in this press release he literally has nowt to say


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Galloway V Rentoul

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Good thing Mr Rentoul was not Israeli eh George ( link )

Paxman V Brand

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KT has always said that withholding your vote is part of the democratic system, tho has also suggested that a "none of the above" option should be placed on the ballot paper.

"If voting changed anything they would ban it" 

And Now For Some Topless Rowers

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What an enjoyable way to start the afternoon :)

Unite U-turn

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Up the workers!

Cuts At Sky Sports?

Or maybe Sky have decided that viewers will not want to see the first 15 mins......