Thursday, 31 January 2013

Feeling Confident?

He is appearing on BBC Question Time this evening, how is he feeling?

KT thinks he will be just fine as long as he is himslef  :) (KT will be watching as well)


Great PR......

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  This seems to be the complete list 

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Update :


We Dont Do Titles On This Show

Video Via liarpoliticians

No-one tells Brillo how to his job!

Guido At Speecie Debate

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Text of speech here (Via Guido Fawkes)

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Manners Matter!

I wrote this the other day, I was then assured it would be corrected

Well, nothing has happened since

 Still no hat-tip!

If you don't have basic manners what makes you think you should be elected to run the country?

Labour Party Political Broadcast


Sloppy From Conservative Home

 So I clicked on the link and got this

It seems someone accidentally put the wrong video clip up, they put the one of Alex Cunningham up instead, I demand a Judge led inquiry immediately!

Did Cameron Tell Someone to "Fuck Off"?

Via Michael Powell

It certainly looks like it.......


 Good thing i am not a professional lip reader then!

GB Asks If Cameron is "Unbalanced"

Then again you would think Labour MPs would be able to spot an "unbalanced" Leader........

Cameron Puts Galloway In His Place

Video via liarpoliticians

But it seems someone saw this as "abuse" 

The irony is not lost on KT either.......

Front Bench Tweeting

KT wonders if this is a first????

Update : 

Surrey Tories Are Revolting!

KT has heard some utter drivel in his life but even i am gobsmacked sometimes, this was brought to my attention by christopherward , It a podcast from a "Coalition for marriage" event, including comments by local Conservatives :

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Guest Post : My Trip To PMQS

I’d never been in the House of Commons as a member of the press before and I doubt I will ever forget how I lost my press pass virginity either; it wasn’t exactly my finest moment. 

For the first few weeks in January I had been working for a political magazine which was based in the Westminster village, and I was getting my first real taste of the career I had been chasing for a life in after university. 

Last Wednesday I somehow managed to convince the Editor of said magazine that I should go to Prime Minister’s Questions; because I wanted to see one of the most one sided PMQ’s of the season, (it was the PMQs after Cameron’s big European speech) for research...

Anyway, that Wednesday morning the Boss had approved it, and managed to acquire a paper chit with which I would flash excitedly in front of the Common’s police force to gain access to the non-public areas of Westminster Palace. There was a catch though: I had to be accompanied by a colleague of his, probably because I was only temping with the magazine. 

So after I had passed the airport style security system – it is literally like airport security checks, the only thing they skipped the check on were personal orifices – and was through the main gates I waited in the Jubilee cafe to be shown where to go. 

For the first 10 minutes I sat in my own excitement, giddy with fervour, twitching sporadically as if suffering a sugar meltdown – I was going to be in the House of Commons for PMQ’s! A plethora of tourists and likely locals were swarming the cafeteria to buy their – highly overpriced – lunches. I, meanwhile, sat in the corner, perpetually rocking in the inertia of my own expectations. 

After those 10 minutes passed, it was then ten to twelve (ten minutes to kick-off); still no sign of my guide... I had moved into stage 2: enthusiasm had boiled into “what if”, I started anxiously itching under my neck, scratching my thighs, regularly checking the windows and doors for any signs of a familiar face; I was nervous this man might be late and I would miss the European public spanking that one party leader was to give another.

Then, I see my guide; I bolt upright and enthusiastically trot towards him. 

“Ah good, you are wearing a tie,” he said.

Yep, it’s blue too.” I replied, grinningly inwardly.

“Right well follow me then, we don’t have long.” 

Turning right outside the Jubilee cafe we made for the black security gates – which you could easily hop over, by the way – to access the non-public areas. He used his card, and I was through.

We walked briskly towards destination unknown; I was perplexed, possibly due to my own euphoria, I had no idea where we were. We hooked a right, then a left, did a twirl, and then he opened a door in some random corridor – the palace could definitely have been used for scenes in Hogwarts, let me tell you. Further on, we jumped into the lift on the ground floor; yes they built elevators in the Palace back in 1840, and I was surprised too...

The lift’s doors opened, and we were launched into a green and open room; almost as if it were a foyer to a football stadium. Loud noises roared off the foundations below, bouncing and echoing off all the walls in an archaic microphonic fashion.

A tall woman approached and greeted us. 

“Yep, both wearing ties; good.” She declared. “Ah, that coat is probably no good” she continued, pointing to my black hooded garment.

“I didn’t realise that there would be a problem with jackets and coats, I thought I only needed a tie” I replied. 

“No, men must wear a suit jacket to gain access to the house.” 

“Bugger” I thought, “I’m not getting in.”

“You can try if you like, but I don’t think the Porter will let you in.” The lady claimed.

“Okay, let’s ask” my guide said, clearly in full understanding of the lack of time which was encroaching on us. It was now 1 minute to twelve.

I walked quickly towards the Porter. He turned and gave me a severely disapproving look: “You can’t come in with that coat.”

“Never mind,” said the tall lady. “There is a selection of jackets you can borrow to get in.” 

“Brilliant!” I said. 

We all sharply moved towards the coat hanger – where all sensible members of the press left their coats to enter the house – frantically shifting through the layers of coats that were hiding the golden ticket to my seat in the press box. 

“Aha! I think I’ve got one.” The tall lady’s face smiled from around the mountain of hanging clothes, her body was completely concealed by the overabundance of coats and scarves. 

“We’re in” I thought, my guide smiled at me; we were safe.

“Here it is” the lady said, pulling out a petit woman’s jacket. 

The jacket was beige..., and had black criss-crosses over it. Now I admit, I was not there for a fashion parade, but the jacket was fit for a 5ft tall female, and I’m 6ft5...

I pulled one sleeve on, it was a snug fit – and by snug I mean I looked like a complete twat. 

The sleeve went about half way up my forearm; “fuck” I thought, “this is going to tear if I am not careful. This could have been Maggie’s jacket...” I moved my body into some highly unnatural pose to try to get the other sleeve on, almost like a crab stance with my back arched, my wrists kinked, spinning, bobbing, and fading with a concentrated expression on my face – it was a real effort to get it on – in the middle of the press foyer in the House of Commons...

“You look like a young Tory” my guide said to me. 

“So I definitely looked like a twat then,” I thought. “Why would he say that...? Fuck.”

We passed the Porter who gave me a smirk and batted a few eyelashes; this was not exactly good. Anyway, when we had passed the Gatekeeper, I felt the same sort of sensation that I usually get from a football stadium: the lights are bright, there are so many people, plenty of noise, and lastly, the seat structure in the press office follows a stadium style arrangement – the Commons really is a special place on a Wednesday at 12. For the little guys like the company I was temping with, our seats were at the top of the press box; the worst seats in the house in terms of distance from the speakers. 

“It’s alright though, from our view we get an excellent view of the whole house.” My guide told me.

I suppose that there was an element of truth in that; however it also meant that I had to walk past the BBC big dogs at the bottom, and then pass all of the right-wing press journalists to get to my seat. This on any other day would probably have been fine, but in case you forgot, I was wearing a bright beige, ridiculously ill-fitting granny jacket.

Nick Robinson didn’t see me, as far as I know, but The Mail writer caught my shame and smirked vigorously, then The Telegraph, and then The Express; The Guardian as usual was in its own world and was oblivious, The Morning Star could as well have been drawing propaganda on the walls in crayons, and the Independent couldn’t afford to get their journalist an underground pass, so they didn’t get the scoop either. 

Anyway, climbed we did. Until I was perched at the very top hand corner, right behind one of the Political Editors from one of the papers previously mentioned. “Don’t lean forward” I inwardly repeated religiously, “you’ll rip Maggie’s jacket!”   

 “Questions for the Prime Minister!” bellowed Bercow.

The journalists were not really that bothered with me anymore, I had arrived, and I was sat quietly in the corner. Although one woman kept peering at me throughout the session, as if to decipher what species of being I was; as no human would deliberately dress like that. 

Cameron definitely won that PMQ’s. Ed still doesn’t know where his party stands on Europe. However, and definitely deserving a mention, my granny jacket may well have been the 12th man that served as a distraction to the Miliband camp which helped the Tories; that is what I shall be telling anyone who asks and has not yet read this blog post, at least.  

Alex MacDonald is the Editor of The Backbencher Libertarian Magazine. Check out the site at and follow him on Twitter at AjrMac

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Problem Is Not Them!

Video via liarpoliticians

Maybe they should ask as to why British people cant compete for the jobs in the first place.....

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bit Of Slip Up!

So your big moment comes up at Question Time, you have prepared all week for it, then

Video via liarpoliticians

So health and safety wasn't to blame but you closed because of getting sued over health and safety.....

Update : Full section on snow and schools

Video via liarpoliticians

Its snow joke..... 

How Did He Get In?

Video Via liarpoliticians

Interesting audience reaction......

Friday, 25 January 2013

Lib Dem Compares Osborne To Hitler

Its been a rough day for the Lib Dems , they have had a little trouble with a sitting MP saying something wrong, but it seems its not confined to sitting MPs, This blog was brought to KT`s attention,it is dated from 5 days ago, Its a blog about George Osborne

In which he says :

      "No, for George he had to find an authoritative figure. Hitler is a bit of a cliché to be fair. Although, I'm quite sure George secretly wishes that he could live up to Hitler's legacy." 

The Author of this blog post is one Sean Ash (Linkedin) of which the profile says

      "Vice Chair at Bermondsey & Old Southwark Liberal Democrats"

Hitler was responsible for millions of people being gassed, tortured, bombed and murdered, comparing him with current chancellor is ridiculous and shows a lack of maturity. 
KT has also been told he is a PPC, Maybe he could stand for Lib Dems in Bradford as they may have a seat coming up soon!

 Via Zadok_ and jason_manc 

Update : Sean Ash responds 

 KT cant see the spin, but is glad to offer this free public service......

Who Knew Hitler Was A Chelsea Fan

Video via JohnnY

Then again, when you consider who the captain is.........

Why Are You Shocked?

KT has been scratching his head today, the media and blogs are reporting that UK debt is rising and not falling ( and the fact the PM keeps stating it) , So i had a look at the budget 2010 and found this by the OBR

According to the OBR Public sector debt was going to rise from 44.0 % then peak at 70.3 in 2013/14 before only falling to 67.4 by 2015/16.

Its not like they have hidden this from the public!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Y Thanks For That Pants Advice

OK, KT was a bit bored and decided to ask (on behalf of my friend) a question to Solihull Police, the response was pure class

My friend is grateful for that advice ;) 


A few weeks ago i asked Eoin Clarke to hat-tip for a video he used

As KT explained at the time liarpoliticians does videos for this and other blogs, When  videos are used and not given hat-tip it seems rude to me, so here i am blogging about it. KT protested to UKIP about this last evening

That was for this post
Via rob56234
A video by liarpoliticians and not even a hat-tip, How rude!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ed Says No!

Video via liarpoliticians

Millionaire Miliband showing he is out of touch this time!

Predictable Hain

Good Question 

Add to that Jon Cruddas as well and we can see that it is not just the Tories that have different views on Europe, not very *One Nation* eh?


Handbags at dawn!

Sour Grapes?

Video via liarpoliticians

Its seems the left are yet again on the wrong side of public opinion

This Sounds Familiar

Sometimes people can judge things on patterns :

                  "“The club is unable to pay its debts, it is insolvent and as there is no appropriate rescue procedure available it will now go through a formal liquidation process.

That is from The Bolton News about Derby Labour Club........

Via GarethJAnderson  

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hodges Talks Rubbish

Some on the left say that Mr Hodges talks complete rubbish sometimes, well it appears they are right

Is that with or without fries? ;)

Dont Hold Back Jeremy!

Now tell us what you really think ;)

No Grudge Held, honest

Nope, he deffo doesn't hold a grudge ;)

Prince Harry Admits Killing Taliban

Video via newsanka

KT cant see what good it does to boast about killing another human being.......

Monday, 21 January 2013

Nice Try Labourlist

So Labourlist run this piece

Except that in 2008, Michelle Obama gave this speech

Nice try.....

175M Beer Snake?

Via Nicky_Ison


Only 337 Shoplifting Days To Go.......

Its not the first time Mr Mearns has appeared on this blog, Readers will remember when he tweeted this , then deleted the tweet

Well today he tweeted ( then deleted ) this :

Maybe he should think before he tweets or if he was trying to tell a joke at least make it funny....

Thats Not Smart Copper!

KT has been chuckling, the irony klaxon has requested a holiday, anyway here is OcPoUK , the twitter account claims to support Occupy and is supportive of the police

But they tweeted this
Promoting a tax avoiding media outlet to complain about tax avoidance is pure and utter hypocrisy

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Left on Left

KT chuckled when he saw this, It reminded me of two old bald men fighting over the last Viagra pill

Both the BNP and UKIP are described as "right wing" , Yet their immigration policy is anything but right wing

Video via DanHannanMEP

You cant be "right wing" or "Libertarians" if you support the free market but not the free movement of labour.... 

Update : Immigration Questions answered here

Video Via  rotty_boy 

Maybe those people should ask why employers don't hire British people (Hint, its not because of paying less than min wage)

There`s An App For That

 Maybe not then.....

Ed Milibands Green (Benches) Party

Backbenchers are one thing,they often represent self interest or popular opinion, But politicians on either front bench or their PPS should be a bit more wiser , KT reported before that Cathy Jamieson MP (Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury) RT`d Eoin Clarke ,After the Debbie Abrahams affair you would think they were more careful

Via PrivatiseThis?

The Good Dr had to apologies after that ( i will come back to his) , But it seems Ed Milibands lack of party discipline has reached his front bench

Emily Thornberry is (according to Wiki ) Shadow Attorney General, Emily Thornberry may have missed Eoin Clarkes confession (Not mentioning the apology to Lord Ashcroft or the apology to Circle Health nor even the apology to Anna Soubry) here :

Backbenchers are one thing, but the Shadow Attorney General using sources such as Eoin Clarke takes the left and Labour back to the days when Tony Blair said this :

Via neoconhitman

Another sign that Ed Miliband is not in control of his shadow cabinet, let alone his party....... 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Shocking Video Of Assassination Attempt

Video via MegaHDGoals


Practice What You Preach

Its seems that not a day goes by without Labour and left showing double standards, yesterday it was Labour Football , today it is the Labour Press Team and one of their MPs

And an MP

Again Labour showing double standards on tax avoidance

Video via liarpoliticians

Maybe if the left practiced what they preached they might be taken seriously..... 

I Knew I Should Have Voted Labour

This video by violinxxxcrazy is a spoof, but when watching KT could not help but remind him of the image that Labour give us, that apparently everything was perfect and that everything would have been just fine if only we had voted them back in power....

Friday, 18 January 2013

One Nation Labour (except when it comes to tax avoidance)

We have highlighted Labour and the lefts double standards on tax avoidance before, well we have another labour supporting group to add to that list, this time LabourFootball who describe themselves thus :

So when they tweeted this tweet with this link, i was gobsmacked!

 And lets remember what the Labour Shadow Biz Sec said just the other day ( before himself writing in the tax avoiding Guardian )

video via liarpoliticians

 Whats the word that describes this type of action, its on the tip of my tongue.....

Update : I almost forgot to add this little bit to the post, a while ago this story 

The irony of the tax avoiding Guardian moaning about tax avoidance is not lost on me either......


Video via YourAnonNews

Wearing a mask that is a symbol of libertarianism while moaning about cuts to the state........Awkward!

Rubbish Bag Wars

Video via Kent_999s

Maybe they should grow up!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tesco Didnt Cockle That Up!

Its fair to say that Tesco have had a mare of a week, Furlong time they were trusted and respected yet recent incidents have led punters to ask "what is in the food" , fear not, Top Jockey KT got on his trusted twitter steed and asked the questions that needed answering

No need for stewards inquiry on this one!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Prime Ministers Questions (Video)

Video Via liarpoliticians


Fine By Me Ed

 And to think Ed *Millionaire* Miliband claims the PM is out of touch....... 

Update : And just nearly a year ago Labour were sending out different signals

Good to see Millionaire  Miliband listening to people eh....

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Judge By Actions, Not Words!

Today, Shadow Business Sec Chuka Umunna done the rounds on TV talking about HMV and the High Street, in the interviews he said this

Video Via liarpoliticians

Then he decided to contribute towards a piece on this outlet

Chuka now joins Ed Balls , Labour Press team and the other hypocrites UKuncut in using a tax avoiding media outlet to (among other things) moan about tax avoidance....

Video via GuidoFawkes

Judge them by actions, not by words and soundbites!

Fan Of Gordon!

Its safe to say that the MP for Reading East is not a fan......

Liberal Demo-Prat ( episode 2)

He got some backlash last night for saying this , but now seems to try and row back on it.....

Then again

Ah guilt by association......


  This is a guess, but i have a feeling this may come back to bit him on the bum.


That Coalition Agreement

Its a good read , honest, especially this bit
Via GABaines  

I guess Nick better get ready to give another apology......

Monday, 14 January 2013

Liberal Demo-Prat

 If Mr Davies thinks playing politics with children's foster care is good then he really needs to have a look at himself.

Update : It seems he has had problem with racism before  

Via JustinianSecond  

What time is the apology scheduled for?

Common Sense in The EU

Via DanHannanMEP

And that settles that!

You Had Your Chance Piers

I just had a look through the transcript of the interview (its near the bottom ), I could not find any question from Bill Maher asking Lance about doping allegations (unless i missed it)......

Update :

 You can always rely on CNN to ask the tough questions......

Ed Miliband on The Andrew Marr Show

Video via liarpoliticians

Millionaire Miliband or Millionaire Cameron, what a choice.......

Bit Of A Balls Up

I saw this yesterday and my mouth just dropped, Not the fact that Ed Miliband and his brother David have benefited from Tax avoidance, but that he choose this publication to write about it, Ed Balls clearly does not read Guido Fawkes  :

"That left-wing politics are subordinate to corporate profiteering is graphically illustrated by the fact that AOL pays even less UK corporation tax than Starbucks, less than 1%, a miniscule 0.15%:"

Guido even done a graph 

  But this is not the left have been shown up on this type of thing, Just the other day i showed how labour press team were promoting the tax avoiding Guardian  

 But also remember that it is the hypocrites at UKuncut as well  

Using a tax avoiding media outlet to complain about tax avoidance is pure hypocrisy!