Sunday, 20 January 2013

Ed Milibands Green (Benches) Party

Backbenchers are one thing,they often represent self interest or popular opinion, But politicians on either front bench or their PPS should be a bit more wiser , KT reported before that Cathy Jamieson MP (Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury) RT`d Eoin Clarke ,After the Debbie Abrahams affair you would think they were more careful

Via PrivatiseThis?

The Good Dr had to apologies after that ( i will come back to his) , But it seems Ed Milibands lack of party discipline has reached his front bench

Emily Thornberry is (according to Wiki ) Shadow Attorney General, Emily Thornberry may have missed Eoin Clarkes confession (Not mentioning the apology to Lord Ashcroft or the apology to Circle Health nor even the apology to Anna Soubry) here :

Backbenchers are one thing, but the Shadow Attorney General using sources such as Eoin Clarke takes the left and Labour back to the days when Tony Blair said this :

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Another sign that Ed Miliband is not in control of his shadow cabinet, let alone his party....... 

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