Friday, 11 January 2013

Oh Andy

OK, So what about this



  1. Great catch Billy. Have you tried asking him for a comment?

  2. The comment from Burnham was that if the Tory government cut social care (as it has) then there is no point in flat funding for the NHS. Those of us who know how the system works know that funding for social care and healthcare have to be treated together, and if you have flat funding for NHS care you must have flat funding for social care too, anything less for social care results in more (unnecessary) demand on the NHS.

    If you have a look at the Darling 2010 budget, the budget that a Labour government would have implemented, you'll see that Labour would not have cut the NHS they would have given flat funding for two years as opposed to the initial 5 years of flat funding the Tory government has imposed (which has now morphed into 8 years). Meanwhile, the Labour government would have brought in a National Care Service which would have sorted out the issue of social care funding and taken the pressure off the NHS. The current government has shirked social care reform and therefore we have the worst of all worlds: a collapsing social care system and flat funding for the NHS for 8 years.