Thursday, 28 February 2013

Out Of Pocket Labour?

If true KT will enjoy a drink tonight :)

Ed Agrees With Dave

 So Ed agrees with Dave, I think its safe to say that the NHS is not safe in any Politicians hands!

Labour Back Thatcher

No, I am not joking, according to this piece Labour want to statue of Lady Thatcher

"A proposal is to be put before South Kesteven District Council that Grantham build a statue to Margaret Thatcher.
But those proposing the idea are not the majority Conservative group but Labour councillors.
Labour district councillor Charmaine Morgan says the left is proposing the statue as a way of boosting tourism revenues for Grantham.
Coun Morgan is calling on Conservatives to back the move at tomorrow’s full council meeting in St Peter’s Hill, Grantham.
In her Journal column Coun Morgan writes: “To offer hope to local people the Labour Group will propose a range of initiatives to encourage tourists into Grantham. This includes a new craft centre located in the heart of town.
We also propose an exhibit and statue/bust of Lady Thatcher.
“Contrary to some rumours, despite our personal strength of feeling about her, we feel the controversy and outside interest around Lady Thatcher provides an opportunity to attract international tourists to our town, who spent £11bn in our region last year."

Maybe some in Labour did take on board Ed`s *One Nation* speech.....

Rupert Calls It, Or Does He?

KT can only think that the *legal reasons* he states would be the ones that question his sanity ;)

Of Course It Was Only Going To Go Downhill After That Start

I always go by the rule that if someone chucks insults into a debate it means you have won, But it is something different when you start a TV debate with an insult, there is only one way the interview can go from there :

Via YouHotNews

It reminds me of a quote from "Animal Farm" when Boxer says "Napoleon is right, Napoleon is always right" , On the plus side at least its not just our politicians that have car crash interviews ;)

Dont Think He Voting Lib Dem

Thats a maybe then? 

Dont Post!

Far to restrained ;)

Update : Tho KT  does like these two:


 One day they might get the message ;)

Update 2 : The "Tory Benders" pic that is refereed to 
There is another one 
Via SteveReedMP
Will they take the hint? 

Lets Shine A Light!

KT doesnt plug or sign E-petitions as a rule ( I have many reasons) , But KT would like you all to sign this one

KT wrote a while ago about an experience he had while in care , this was not the only one and not the only home that it occurred around, KT has also heard many antidotes from friends ( at the time) and has also heard similar things from other parts of country, It is now time for all the skeletons to come out, its now time for the light to shine on the dark, its now time for justice!

I beg you to sign and share this and get as many signatures as needed, if you can you will have my eternal and heartfelt thanks.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Rafa Rant!

Via SkySportsVIDE0

A Vote For UKIP Is A Vote For Clegg

Video via liarpoliticians

Actually a vote for any of them is a vote for a big state/anti free market party!

Angry Voter Confronts Mike Thornton

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Its deffo not a "Westminster Bubble" story, thats for sure!

An Ex Gordon Brown?

Thats what the Huff Post say :

KT thinks they missed the word "aide" out ;)

Thats Why You Missed Andys Response

People on my twitter time line have been asking for Andy Burnhams response to the Francis report, They cite a a tweet from Mr Burnham :

Well KT can put there minds at ease, KT can confirm that Mr Burnham kept his word, he did set out a response :

In which Mr Burnham says :

                      " It is why I have also said that I will work through the bodies we inherit and will not engage in another top-down reorganisation."

KT takes that to mean he wont undo the top down reorganization that he claims the coalition brought in then.

(KT did note that his response was in the tax avoiding Guardian ) 

Mis-Name That MP

Interesting, except :
Awkward ;)

Update : KT thinks Mr Halfon may mean this Labour MP :
 Update 2 : 

 And that is the end of that :)

Piers Will Attract The Birds

 I doubt there will be a lack of volunteers ;)

A Most Helpful Post Election Traffic Report

Your candidate lost the USA election, you think its the end of America, Step forward this Traffic reporter who gives viewers a helpful guide to leave America for erm Canada

Via SavageNationLiberty

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.......

Harry Takes One In The Crown Jewels

Via BuzzFeed


via BuzzFeed

Dont Call Me Davey!

Video via liarpoliticians

Bring back Micheal Martin! 

Update : Full PMQS 

Video via liarpoliticians

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

An Unpaid Intern for Gov Adviser On Welfare

That would be shocking right? Well it is not :

How is that rewarding those who choose to do the right thing?

Update : I wonder what the Lib Dems think about this, as the unpiad internship is for a Government ( of which they are part of) advser , A while ago i wrote this about Lib Dems using unpaid interns :

"Lets just remember what scheme Nick Clegg  promoted

"The national internship scheme will ask firms to pay young people doing work experience and warn they could otherwise risk a legal challenge under the national minimum wage legislation. The deputy prime minister will say that the aim is to make career progression less dependent on "who your father's friends are".

Oh, i did forget for a minute they are two faced politicians.......

The Joke Wont Be On Eastleigh

As the comedy candidate prepares to come 3rd maybe even 4th someone stuck this video together for him

Via mrjohnofarrell

This time the joke wont be on the people of Eastleigh ;)

Would You Have A Guake At That

A lot has been said about the debt and deficit in recent weeks, While the PM and Coalition Comrades spouting the line that they were dealing with the debt and deficit the truth was a different matter, I blogged a while ago about how the OBR predicted that debt was going to rise :

However, what was refreshing was that last night on Newsnight Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke admitted this :

Video via liarpoliticians

How refreshing for a politician to be honest for a change!

You Can Tweet The Truth

Remember this post a few weeks ago?

 Well it seems common sense ( such a rare thing these days) has prevailed :

It is not a crime to tell the truth that Hitler was leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party!

Sorry Phil, The Beast Wants Feeding

Video via liarpoliticians

Unfortunately Mr Davies the Beast is hungry....... 

Monday, 25 February 2013

Stop The Spin!

KT likes a chuckle, So when KT saw this he chuckled hard :

Now I am no economist but a month ago i posted this , It shows the OBR prediction from 2010 , including debt
In fact according to the Guardian in 2012 the debt would be 67.3
 Those figures seems quite consistent to me, unlike Labours position that is....

Dont Shoot Moodys Mogg, Look Closer To Home

Video Via liarpoliticians

Moodys called for austerity, any chance of trying it now?

UKIP Compare Israel and The Holocaust

The same day that Galloway called Israel a "cancer " , Stay classy!

Osborne Gets A McSmackdown

Video via liarpoliticians

More effective than anything the Two Eds say..........


Better than being being told you will shot tho !

Galloway : Israel Is A Cancer

After refusing to debate with an Israeli last week George Galloway has popped up again to dispatch his latest piece of advice :

He compares Isreal to Apartherd South Africa :

." Apartheid Israel is a cancer at the heart of the middle-east"

His Facebook page also says this :

"Fighter for justice, peace & equality for all"

Equality for all unless you are Israeli, which brings us back to when he walked out of a debate last week, in the Huff Post the organizer of the debate says this about the incident :

"I was left humiliated in front of a room full of people who had waited an hour and a half for your arrival, only to be subsequently accused of being deceptive and misleading."

Respect party? Mr Galloway would not know respect if it came and slapped him in the face!

Jasper Gerard Car Crash Interview

As we are on car crash interviews from Lib Dems....

Tim Farron , Car Crash Interview

Overcome With Emotion

 Or maybe a few too many drinks ;)

Via BuzzFeed
 Update 2 

Via Dirtytubes

Sandra Bullock`d That Up

Via BuzzFeed

Awkward ;)

We Saw Your Boobs

Via BestEmblemTutorials

One person clearly took it on board

Happy Oscars Night From The President And First Lady

That will not help his street cred ;)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Elected Or Unelected, That Is The Question

When some of us say *they are all the same* we sometimes get mocked, each day on twitter i see UKIP supporters saying *vote for us were a different* , having shown before that UKIP leader Nigel Farage tells the odd porky it will not come as a shock to some that he has been caught out again telling a lie :
Now apart from not getting the the name of  "Young Independence" wrong ( Its @YIofficial ) he then goes on to claim that Olly was not elected, Quite a claim i hear you say, your right, so I went of to have a look, In this piece in the Indy Olly himself says

                 "I was elected chairman of Young Independence by 62% of the vote and the largest absolute majority in our organisations history"

62% of the vote? That cant be true as Nigel said Olly was not elected?

So either the Leader of UKIP is Lying or Olly is lying, who is your money on? 
Via GABaines

Clegg Statement

Video Via liarpoliticians

Would you trust Clegg ?

Clegg : Would I Lie To You?

KT giggled ;)

Lets Gets Ready For Wembley

Via tomanddomshow

KT is backing City to win ;)

Evolution of Liberal Dance

Via michellemalkin


Sugar Not Sweet

You would never guess that it was Gordon that appointed him to the the House of Lords.....

All In It Together

A while ago i wrote about the BBC in light of the Jimmy Savile scandal, Janet Street Porter then claimed that everyone knew at the BBC what was going on

(4 mins in)

Then the Pollard review took a little while, but as you can see they redacted quite a bit, well ex BBC man Sir John Tusa had his say:

The BBC investigates itself then redacts some evidence, whatever next, the Lib Dems investigating a Lib Dem? Oh wait !

Videos via liarpoliticians

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Dont Shoot Me!

You cant blame them to be honest ;) 

We Beat The French!

Now lets see if the pros can do the same! ;)

Joke Candidate Reminds Voters What Happens When You Vote Labour

Nice reminder of what happened when Labour were in power in the 70`s

Boris Bike Makes London Fashion Week

via clairee_french 

I guess they are the new "must have" item?

Some Advice For Ozzy

A lot has been said since the UK was downgraded by a ratings agency, So I am going to try and be helpful and offer George Osborne a way to respond to critics :

Video Via Euronews

Labour did want the UK to follow President Obama right? ;)

Quote Of The Day : Dan Hodges


Balls : Ozzy Been Downgraded

Via liarpoliticians

As KT said last night , Maybe now Ozzy will start cutting!


Video Via worldviralvideonews

In football that would a fine.......

Friday, 22 February 2013

Ozzy Needs To Man Up and Start Cutting

Video via liarpoliticians

Can we start cutting properly now Ozzy?

UKIP Caught Breaking The Law!

If they cant obey the law then why should you trust them with your vote? ;)

Update : That is not their only crime of the day
Via astro_Liz
 An absolute disgrace!

Libertarians Are Pussies

Via Conservative1001BG

It is not for the state what i choose to put in my own body!

Full Video

That Awkward Twitter Page

Via geeoharee

Heir To Blair

Some say Cameron is the "Heir to Blair", they may be right......

That reminded KT of something from a few years ago :

I make that 2 things that Gordon got right while in Government ( the other being the Euro)

Surveillance Tape Of Restaurant Explosion

Via BuzzFeed


Thursday, 21 February 2013

The BBC Is Not Biased

KT looked back at last week and did not see Mr Mason wish extra guest (Mark Pack) good luck then.......

N.R.A Advert

Via amronsomar

Good advert, politicians are our servants, not our masters!

I Dont Debate With Israelis

Via teddyryan89

What a twat!

The Peace Party In Easteigh

Video via Matthew_Myatt

The Socialist voter will have plenty of parties to choose from.......

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Labour Admit To Hiding Candidate

Oh how quick things unravel

Lets now rewind to the Rotherham by election, Rotherham Politics reported at the time :

Indeed Labour, remarkable!

Boris : Lib Dems Are " Quivering Jellies "

Via jimfleming2012


One Direction V Downtown Abbey

Via david_w_ross

That must have taken a while to do, respect :)

Thats Not A Nice Present Steve!

Recently elected MP Steve Reed has given an interview in Pink News in which he discusses the Same Sex marriage vote , KT was caught by this tho :

        " “I think it’s a shame and I think it’s wrong.”

That was on being asked about the former PM not supporting Same Sex Marriage at last election, despite saying he would vote for next reading ( he missed the first because he was giving a speech in the USA ).

Coincidentally it is also Gordons birthday today, Happy Birthday Gordon! 

Hodgey Stats?

Just saw this tweet RT`d in to my timeline :

So i had a look and found this :

The UK does not appear in the the top ten..... odd.....

UKIP Lies!

I wrote a piece for the BackBencher a few weeks ago saying that UKIP can not be considered *libertarian* in any sense, Yet Nigel Farage is still still peddling this line :

 The Burka banning, protectionist and anti free market party are not libertarian in any sense, If anything they are to the left of Labour, Yet UKIPs line is *Blame the immigrants* ( here ) , they claim to be different from the others but are just as full of lies and spin as Labour/Tory/Lib Dem.

Lib Dems Winning!

via CameronBrownUK
Or maybe not ;)

Podcast : Brass Balls Radio

We have not had a podcast or audio for a while, well that ends today, this is from over the other side of the water and involves lovely people (That does not mean i endorse or agree with every statement they make), However due to tech problems i am unable to get the embed code so you will have to click this link to go and listen :)

This episode stars kimberlyhaney and SalaciousSully :)

(Picture and podcast via takethatmedia )

Labours NHS

Do you remember Labour scaremongering this time last year? (be fair, it is hard to keep up with the bandwagons they keep jumping on), well last year Ed Miliband claimed this :

They say hindsight is a wonderful thing ( Jesus, I wish I could see the future), But for the Labour party its not that simple, they claim that it is "their NHS", Its not, it belongs to the taxpayer. anyway Ed Miliband wanted to "Save the NHS", a noble cause the left will cry!

Some say "Karma" is a twat, it is, its a twat that will come back and bite you like a erm twat ( Hence why its called Karma), It catches up with us all. The other week a report into Mids Staffs was published and it was revealed that 1,200 people had died needlessly :

But that is not all, the then health secretary refused calls for public inquiry 81 times :
Andy Burnham dismissed calls for a public inquiry in 2009 for this reason :

                    “The demands were for a full public inquiry but my thoughts were that would distract the management.”

But Labour dont get this, step forward Tony McNulty, the former MP who was accused of fiddling expenses and ending up apologizing to the House for it:

But then he tweeted this :

Despite 1200 humans needlessly dying on his parties watch, while he was in the Commons he spouts party political propaganda, but thats not all from the "One nation" party , In the Independent a few days ago it said this :

Of course you have to add PFI in  as well (2011)

                    "  Currently the combined debt for some 800 PFI projects, including 103 PFI hospitals in England, stands at about £300 billion, according to makers of the programme."

 This is the NHS Ed Miliband and Labour want to save!
Pic via Guido Fawkes

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Its Just To Be Good To Be True?

Video via liarpoliticians


Olympic Waste!

There has been much said about horse meat in food lately, But what happens when perfectly good food is wasted?

This video clip appears to show food from the Olympic park being thrown away despite being OK

Via andy301261

Why was the food not donated to local charities or foodbanks?

No Way Jose!

The EU recently won the Nobel Peace Prize, however it still hasn't helped Jose Barroso popularity, look at his Facebook page

Out of an estimated 500 million citizens his page only has 557 "likes".....

Via jonworth

What Opt-Out?

Via croftyization

Of course politicians lie, thats why you should stop giving them your consent, stop voting for them!

Two Faced Irony

Yep, one set of politicians calling another set of politicians "Two faced", on the upside it gives me a chance to dig out this classic :

Via neveranuhoranah

"If voting changed anything they would ban it"

Jon Cruddas : The Condition Of Britain

KT had to chuckle at how labour have to keep saying "rebuilding", they only left office just under 3 years ago........

They Eat Anything?

Video via liarpoliticians

Never seen a Chinese person eat a deep fried mars bar to be honest!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Thats A Bit Lib Dem!

Now wait for someone to get "offended" ;) 

Opps he has deleted it now 


Angry Arsene

Via football

Someone got out of bed the wrong side this morning......

I`m Confused

KT came across something while browsing the net, A while ago Andy Burnham made this pledge

Fair enough, Labour claim that that bill was a "top down reorganization" (here )

So if you repeal the bill that will mean another "top down reorganization" right? , well in a piece a week ago Andy Burnham said this :

" It is why I have also said that I will work through the bodies we inherit and will not engage in another top-down reorganisation. "

Yet he once said :

 "Labour will inherit a very different NHS – lots of damage will have already been done. And let me make it clear – if the bill in parliament goes through, we will repeal it"

If lots of damage is done then surely you have to repeal the bill meaning another top down reorganization that you have now promised not to do?

I`m confused????? 

Labour Used To Be Against Public Inquires

So after getting the report on Mid Staffs I thought i would bring you this quote from And Burnham from 2009 :

 “The demands were for a full public inquiry but my thoughts were that would distract the management.”

Socialists Complain About A "Socialist" Government

Left wing loons at @atosvictims1 have featured on this blog before when they compared the current Gov to what Hitler done in 2nd world war :

Well they are at it again today with this tweet which they pose the question "The New Nazis are here?"

Now, some of you might not be aware about another story that has happened the last week, It involved someone having to resign over a tweet  , the tweet was a quote ( that up until now no-one has claimed is not true) and here it is

Surely a Leftie would support a Socialist Government?

I.D.S On The Andrew Marr Show

Via liarpoliticians

The fact the left are moaning about his policies means theres a good chance they are the right ones.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Head Hunted

Via mattfricker

I wonder if he practices?

Labours One Nation Candidate

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Guest Post: Trident?

During the cold war there was a genuine threat to the UK and Western Europe from Soviet military expansionism. The Soviet Union had the military capabilities to destroy the UK's military presence in Germany and then push westward and destroy the UK's RAF air defences and the Royal Navy. This would then give them the option to force a surrender through a blockade or to launch and all out invasion.

Submarine launched nuclear weapons were the ultimate deterrent against this threat. They were almost impossible to destroy preemitvely as they hid in the vastness of the sea and inter-continental missiles could be launched in retaliation to any invasion or nuclear attack. The Soviets also had submarine launched nuclear missiles and the only hope of defending against them was to find, track and attack them with Royal Navy 'attack' submarines; Anti-submarine warfare ships and anti-submarine patrol aircraft equipped with detection sensors and torpedoes.

Today Russia has four submarines equipped with inter-continental nuclear missiles. These submarines were launched in the 80s and are on their last legs. As they are old, the noise signature they give off is significant. The Royal Navy's newest submarine, the Astute class (costing £1B each), can easily detect and track them every time they are at sea and would sink them before they could launch their missiles at UK population centres.

Although the Russians are trying to re-purpose some old submarines as their new generation of nuclear missile launch platforms, this is yet to materialise and may not. The Russian Navy has struggled to commission new submarines due to limited budgets and an erosion of their defence industry. It is unlikely that they will succeed with this.

If the UK withdrew its submarine launched nuclear deterrent capability, there is a strong possibility that Russia could be persuaded do the same. Furthermore, China has one old submarine with Nuclear missiles which don't have the range to reach the UK. Indian missiles are out of range of the UK, likewise Israel and Pakistan only has free fall bombs.

If the UK replaces Trident, at a cost of £40B, then this will motivate Russia, China and India to develop nuclear bombs. Likewise, there is a strong argument that if the UK didn't replace Trident then the Submarine launched nuclear deterrents of Russia and China would wither on the vine. And it is likely that France would also follow our lead in due course; even the US. The UK government could develop this as a diplomatic strategic objective and open up negotiations.

One argument for replacing Trident would be to assure the UK's place on the UN security council.  Removal for not having nuclear weapons is far from certain and India, with a nuclear capability is not a member. Either way, at £40B that makes it a very expensive club to join and there is more to being a super-power or having super-influence than having nuclear weapons.

The world has certainly changed since the cold war ended. We are now enjoying a peace that will be long and enduring. Ideological governments have melted away and democracy, trade and inter-governmental organisations are the new order. Russia's democracy is developing and their biggest foreign policy interest is their essential oil and gas exports. China is economically, and structurally, co-dependent on the West as is India and Pakistan. Any future conflict between these powers are likely to be limited and in the soft form of cyber-attacks, 3rd world influence, economic trade and industrial espionage. 

The UK is not under threat of being attacked by nuclear weapons from any state on earth. Furthermore, the UK could not launch trident without the involvement of the US and if it did, the US would most likely deliver their own strike.

The UK is also not under threat of being invaded. No nation has the capabilities to invade the UK. France and Germany don't have the hardware or resources. We are beyond the reach of the Russian Army, Navy and Air force. Even if they were closer, they couldn't sustain a military campaign against the UK or launch an invasion. Even the USA would struggle militarily to invade the UK. And China and India are not capable of any operations outside their own region.

So replacing Trident seems a big waste of £40B and would offer the UK little or no military, diplomatic, political, security or moral advantage. There's not threat of a nuclear strike and we are not at risk of a conventional attack on UK soil.

Of course the Treasury would claw-back from some cash from cancelling the Trident replacement. However the UK government would have to compensate with increased commitments to conventional equipment.

UK armed forces would certainly benefit from some of the £40Billion saved being spent on other hardware to meet the growing global diplomatic and defence needs. 

  • The RAF 's expensive Euro fighter is defending UK airspace despite no actual threat to our airspace. Yet is has insufficient strategic assets to lift and deploy an expeditionary land force and deliver and support long range air-strikes.

  • The Royal Navy has the best submarines and air-defence ships in the world. The two new aircraft carriers will provide enhanced diplomatic leverage to future governments. But the Navy's assets are hugely expensive and so limited in numbers.  The Royal Navy doesn't have enough ships to provide the adequate response to diplomatic, security and humanitarian objectives. It needs a mix of more world-class vessels as well as affordable utilitarian ships. The Royal Fleet Auxiliary should have the standing capability for delivering humanitarian relief in the event of war or natural disaster.

  • The Army, while reducing to the historic expeditionary level of  80,000, will also have equipment needs in the form of more versatile fighting vehicles, improved communications equipment, intelligence gathering assets, helicopters and battlefield strike capabilities such as artillery and drones. There will also be a need to invest in the infrastructure and equipment to continuously train reservists and, possibly, local armies.

Increased investment in conventional equipment to enhance the capabilities of the armed forces would offer greater influence on the world stage. It would enhance our projection of hard and soft power.  It would boost the manufacturing base and defence exports. It would also allow the UK to take a moral lead in nuclear disarmament, which would enhance our prestige, reputation and influence in the world.

So let's start to discuss and debate the option of no Trident replacement. Let's start now with limited and restricted patrols. Consider silo launched land capabilities as a replacement to sea-launched if we can't stomach the concept of Pakistan, North Korean and possible Iran being in a nuclear club without the UK. But one thing is for sure, the UK does not need to spend £40B on a state-of-the-art submarine launched nuclear deterrent to preserve the peace in the next 50 years.

This was written by paulrae100 ( and posted here on 3rd February )