Monday, 18 February 2013

I`m Confused

KT came across something while browsing the net, A while ago Andy Burnham made this pledge

Fair enough, Labour claim that that bill was a "top down reorganization" (here )

So if you repeal the bill that will mean another "top down reorganization" right? , well in a piece a week ago Andy Burnham said this :

" It is why I have also said that I will work through the bodies we inherit and will not engage in another top-down reorganisation. "

Yet he once said :

 "Labour will inherit a very different NHS – lots of damage will have already been done. And let me make it clear – if the bill in parliament goes through, we will repeal it"

If lots of damage is done then surely you have to repeal the bill meaning another top down reorganization that you have now promised not to do?

I`m confused????? 

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