Thursday, 2 May 2013

Two Faced GMB Union

Readers will know that KT is not a big fan of hypocrisy when it comes to politics , so KT was looking at something when he stumbled across this from the GMB union :

"GMB congratulates 86 local councils planning to raise council tax to protect front lineservices
Government slashed budgets and it's high time councils said 'enough is enough' and it is totally disingenuous if government ministers criticise councils trying to protect local communities says GMB
GMB, the union for public services, commented on the report in Local Government Chronicle that 86 councils plan to defy the government council tax freeze. See notes to editors for table published today."

This post/press release/comment from the GMB is posted on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, The GMB do not favor the council tax freeze, well, actually thats not quite true! a little while ago KT came across this flyer from Labour listing their "2012 pledges" :
The second one on the list say :

                "Freezing council tax for the 4th year"

Of the top of KT`s head this means that the first year of council tax freeze was before the current coalition Government were in office, however that is not all that is on this flyer, if you look to the left of the pledges you see this :

As you can see the GMB union are endorsing this flyer ( if not, why have your name/brand on it) , That to KT seems a tad hypocritical, endorse the pledge for a 4th year of council tax freeze in one breath yet "congratulating" councils that ignore the council tax freeze in another breath.

Talk about treating voters like idiots eh........

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