Friday, 28 September 2012

This page 3 debate

So i clicked on the link to the article and found the relevant piece

   I wrote about this issue in April and to be fair my views have not changed, What you do with your on body is none of my business and likewise what i do my body is none of your business, I have had a pop at UKIP before over their policy of banning the Burka  for dictating to others what they should and should not wear (Tho not sure if this is UKIP policy anymore as i think they are struggling to work out what libertarian means).

Back to this "nomorepage3" , lets just understand what they are doing, they are dictating to others how they should feel about a topless woman picture in the Sun, they want to take away your choice whether to view such pictures , they are removing the freedom of choice for a young lady to earn money using her own body if she wants. For some reason those at "Nomorepage3" seem to believe that they know best and that they are right and that they can read the minds of every single woman in the country.

But where is this taking us? What next?

If topless female pictures are deemed unacceptable what about men (equality and all that),  would pictures like this be banned ?

Now i find that picture much more attractive than anything i have ever seen on page 3 but by the logic of "nomorepage3" that should not be allowed unless some animals are more equal than others?

Just some advice for those at "nomorepage3", if you don't like the Sun then don't buy it!

Picture via LimerickCat who is a member of #teamtits for feelemfriday_ a group of people doing what they can to raise awareness of breast cancer , here is a video on how to check your boobs and moobs

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