Monday, 24 September 2012

My thoughts on Mitchell

Video via liarpoliticians

And as you can be sure of night following day the debate after the interview (on twitter) centered mainly on one topic, not Andrew Mitchell nor Tom Watson but Harry`s hair, Personally i like the hair, its individual and funky!

Onto the subject of Andrew Mitchell , I am rather tired of this story (in fact i was rather tired of it about 20 mins after it come out) , I blogged the other day about the Labour Councillor that felt the same way as i do, a while ago i worked in hotel kitchens and the language used there by Chef was far worse on a daily basis, If anything this makes those that moan about appear out of touch with "normal" people.

The failure here is at Number 10/Andrew Mitchell, this story should have been all sorted a lot quicker, its being allowed to dominate news when it should not even be a footnote, I mean, its not as if anything else important happening in the world like Syria "government " killing its own people right?

Lets just get some perspective on this, he lost his rag, he apologized and it was accepted (according to his statement earlier), Is it really still worthy to be top billing on the news?   

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  1. I once tried to post on the Guido blog saying "The reason Neo always looks as if he's one of these lads that's been out all night, missed the last bus home to his flat, and spent the night sleeping on the couch in the office, is that he IS out all night, DOES miss the last bus and DOES sleep on the couch in the GuyNewsroom." I got "awaiting moderation" and it never appeared, I really do wonder why not. With his hair cared for properly, and without the "panda" eyes, he'd actually look half-handsome in an Orson Welles kind of way. Guido-- well, that's another story...