Thursday, 10 January 2013

Labour and Tax Avoidance

 Ed Miliband said this

   ‘Labour believes addressing tax avoidance at an individual and corporate level must  be a priority" 

It was always going to come back and bite him on his backside, This afternoon Labours press team tweeted this 

 Yet as highlighted in Press Gazette 

"MPs have questioned whether national newspapers can be trusted to report fairly on corporate tax dodgers like Amazon and Starbucks given that their owners “are themselves engaged in some form of tax avoidance”.
While Private Eye was praised for its exposure of “lurid” tax avoidance schemes in Parliament yesterday, publishers including News International and the Guardian Media Group were accused of operating similar arrangements."

 Back in November Guido Fawkes exposed the Guardian  


But its not just Labour that are hypocrites on this, remember this Story?

All tax avoidance is equal, but some tax avoidance is more equal than others...... 

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