Monday, 14 January 2013

Bit Of A Balls Up

I saw this yesterday and my mouth just dropped, Not the fact that Ed Miliband and his brother David have benefited from Tax avoidance, but that he choose this publication to write about it, Ed Balls clearly does not read Guido Fawkes  :

"That left-wing politics are subordinate to corporate profiteering is graphically illustrated by the fact that AOL pays even less UK corporation tax than Starbucks, less than 1%, a miniscule 0.15%:"

Guido even done a graph 

  But this is not the left have been shown up on this type of thing, Just the other day i showed how labour press team were promoting the tax avoiding Guardian  

 But also remember that it is the hypocrites at UKuncut as well  

Using a tax avoiding media outlet to complain about tax avoidance is pure hypocrisy!

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