Friday, 21 June 2013

Daily Mirror Fail

The Daily Mirror run this story late last night :

Its says :

    " Nigel Farage opened an offshore trust fund in a plan to slash his tax bill, a Mirror investigation has revealed."

A Mirror investigation eh? Wow!!!!!

KT can trump that tho, KT tried a Google investigation ( He typed in "Nigel Farage Tax Avoidance" ) and within a few mins came across this from 2010 :

  The blog says :

         "And what about your off-shore 'Trust fund' in the Isle of Man? What is that for? Tax avoidance scams? Surely not money laundering?"
So this tax avoidance was known about in 2010 yet the Mirror only catch up in 2013........ 

Update : Just to clear up UKIP`s view on tax avoidance this is a blog by a UKIP supporter (link )


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