Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Rose Tinted Skinner

So this happened at PMQS

via liarpoliticians

Maybe that good old socialist should look at bit closer to home?

In this piece by the Telegraph in 2009 it claims Comrade Balls flipped his house :

But that is not all, Mr Skinner has also defended Mps food allowance, yes the mps on a least 66k a year had that :

Via liarpoliticians

Mr Skinner will not condemn Ed Balls and his flipping and he will claim mps expenses for food despite being paid 66k a year, yet he will have a pop at those opposite in the chamber for doing the same.

Yes, Mr Skinner is a typical politicians, a hypocrite!

Oh and for the record lets see how much of your money Mr Skinner spent on expenses in 11/12 

Nearly the amount of his salary, Like KT said a typical politician. 

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