Saturday, 22 June 2013

Liberal Conspiracy "Huff Post Is Right Wing"

Well that is if you follow their logic on this menthol story :
It goes on to say :

"So what has happened? The Council of Ministers has met and voted to support a proposal to ban menthol cigarettes (although some Ministers such as the Polish Minister has opposed the move).
This proposal will not become law unless the European Parliament votes it through.
You might at this point think I am being a little bit over the top? A mere technicality you say!"

Ok except Guido Fawkes says :

"Now hectoring health ministers at a meeting in Luxembourg have agreed a prohibition on menthol cigarettes to try to stop younger generations from smoking. It now needs to go through the European Parliament"

What technicality?

Anyway Lib Con also said it was the "Right Wing Press" , So let KT introduce readers to the right wing Huff Post :

Yes Lib Con, the tax avoiding Huff Post is right wing........

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