Sunday, 9 June 2013

Get In Vodafone!

Vodafone paid no corporation tax for second year running :

via liarpoliticians

As far as KT understands Vodafone have not broken any laws, Tax avoidance is legal, tax evasion is illegal (thats what the law says) , KT has always said that it is everyones duty to legally avoid paying the state money so they cant do things like bomb other countries, enrich themselves, restrict our freedoms and our choices with health and education (plus BBC).

KT would also say in general about tax that it is theft (taking without consent, steal someones elses car and you get nicked, the state stealing your money/wealth however.... ) , KT has been racking his brains (yes he has some) to see if it is possible to live without legally paying one penny in tax for one reason, to see if it possible to "starve the beast" on an individual level.

If it is possible on an individual level then imagine what the state would do if we all done it? 

Left wingers say labour are not left enough, Right wingers say that the Conservatives are not right wing enough, that says to me that the centre ground is crowded and our current "democracy" is centre left V centre-centre (whoever we vote for the state never lose).

Just imagine if we had a real choice, a choice between a socialist left party and genuine right wing party that actually supports the free market and free movement of labour........

Note : KT will avoid Vodafone, not because of tax arrangements but because KT had a bad experience with them years ago and their service was rubbish.

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