Sunday, 11 November 2012

Gerry, The Loan Ranger

Catching up on some sports news, I came across this story

"Bradford Bulls have secured a Super League-record £1.2m sponsorship deal with Provident Financial.
Bradford almost went bust last season but the four-year deal guarantees the club's future.
Chairman Gerry Sutcliffe told Sky Sports News: "It's great news for the club and the city and the sponsors. In these difficult economic times to get sponsorship of this level which secures the club's future for the next few years is really important."

Mr Sutcliffe is the Labour MP for Bradford South , now lets forget about the fact he is also the Chairman of the Bradford Bulls for a minute (must be so time consuming), What caught my eye were the people who had sponsored Bradford Bullsand and a campaign run by Labour and supported by Ed Miliband himself.

Back in July Ed Miliband along with Tom Watson joined Stella Creasy in Walthamstow to protest against "legal loan sharking"

" Today Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party, and Tom Watson, Deputy Chair, joined me and over a hundred campaigners from across the country to launch our campaign pack to help communities fight back against the damage Britain’s legal loan sharks are doing to our country."

So you would think that a campaign led by Stella Creasy (one of the rising stars of this parliament ) and endorsed by Labour leader Ed Miliband would be taken on board by the whole party.

Anyway back to the Bradford Bulls, I took a look on the Provident website

Yes, you got it, Labour seem to have two faces on this, while Ed and Stella want them to cap rates and stop legal loan sharks sponsoring TV shows ,Mr Sutcliffe wants to use the money made from those loans to sponsor and fund the Rugby club he runs.

If Stella and Ed are really behind this campaign then i take it they will be having a word in Gerry`s ear.....

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