Wednesday, 14 November 2012

That was unexpected!

I would love to work in Parliament ( tho never going to happen) , i mean its a fantastic looking building that has so much history and mystic about it, they have subsidized bars and it sounds a cool place to work.

Anyway just for a laugh i responded to this advert on a website

Now many of you know that i do not posses the skills to do this job, but i did send an e-mail

      "To whom it may concern

I saw your offer of an internship and felt the need to reply.

I would be interested in working for someone in parliament, alas i have no qualifications , nor basic grasp of grammar or math, while i do believe that i have something to offer i also understand that i am not the type of person ( as i have a criminal record ) that would be wanted as an intern.

I wish you success in your search for a suitable candidate. " 

I was proper polite and clearly stated i was not qualified for the job ( i didn't even send a CV), so you can tell how surprised i was when this came into my inbox earlier today

Application? what application?

Maybe they should read e-mails before spending out a standard reply ;)

Just for the record i am NOT applying for the job ( for reasons stated in e-mail).

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