Saturday, 24 November 2012

Interview with Joyce Thacker

Some background on this first

Video via liarpoliticians

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  1. The Left's idea of "multi-culturalism" is nothing of the sort. It is in fact a society made up of a whole series of mono-cultures, living largely together, excluding people of other cultures and living by their rules, not by a common set of agreed values.

    That leads to racial tension and the sort of appalling crimes which have recently been exposed as authority turns a blind eye to crimes for fear of offending cultural sensitivities.

    However, it does allow those client groups to be easily identified and bought off with taxpayer's money come election time.

    No wonder the Left like it so much!

    1. John, that's one of the best rebuttals of multi-culturalism I've ever read. Well written!

  2. Didn't think much about the needs of the white girls in her care when they were being abused by Asian men though did she? She had the girls learn the language of their abusers!
    The woman is a Common Purpose agent.See page 81...

  3. Joyce Thacker IS A PLEB !!!! deplorable woman , typical Labour council , her family should be ashamed of the cow :(

  4. Since most Tories think the Labour Party has extreme Left-wing views - does that mean Tory councils can start removing children from the homes of Labour supporters? Does this council have any idea what type of nightmare state they have just created?

    This is exactly how so many Germans described the slow and systematic rise of the nazis. If you didn't share their beliefs, you were smeared at first, then you had your rights removed, and finally you were just eliminated.