Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Max Clifford claims Tory minister "interfered" with 14 year old girls

Max Clifford claims that Tory minister "interfered " with 14 year old girls.

I do hope any evidence he claims to have about this has been passed onto the police!

This is the quote from the video (if it is not clear enough)

"MC: Wonderful for me. You couldn't have written the script, to make it
even better and inflame it. And he enjoyed the whole thing. Alan Clark
loved the whole thing. The only thing about it, you had...they made a
lot of money out of it. He'd used them, so they wanted to make money out
of it, they had a moan, so they did. He enjoyed it: he sold even more
books. The only slightly serious side about it was he'd actually
interfered with those girls from the age of fourteen."

Very disturbing if true.....


The youtube video was pulled, however you can view a copy of it here 

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