Monday, 22 October 2012


Video via liarpoliticians

The more i hear about this affair the more i feel sick, it seems everyone knew something but no-one said anything  while at the same time vulnerable children were being sexually abused. It now seems everyone is just out to save what careers they have left.

 Lets just be clear, those that knew about it and said nothing are as guilty as those that abused the children.

Now tonight we will have one BBC program (Panorama ) investigating another BBC program (Newsnight) , which license fee payers are funding, some will argue that it is the BBC doing what the BBC does, i disagree because the simple fact is that the BBC should not have covered up these serious allegations in the first place, if they had then many lives would not have been ruined.

Some are saying this could be the end of the BBC as we know it, I have to ask "is that a bad thing?" , Its clear that something went badly wrong for this case to have stayed out of sight for so long, so i would like to see one change , the change that is desperately needed is for the BBC to move to voluntary subscription, then and only then can we tell if they have regained the majority of support from the British public.


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