Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nick Griffin is the lowest of the low!

WE all know the BNP are scum, but this is a low from Nick Griffin :

I have blacked out the names and address of people concerned, this is outright bullying and disgusting!


  1. Well done Nick Griffin.

    If you are going to demand "tolerance", how about practising some once in a fucking while ?

    Griffin is right. heterophobia is on the rise.

    And before you get your knickers in a twist, while me and the Mrs are on holiday, my gay mate looks after our house and I dare say he's shagged his boyfriend in our bed plenty of times. I'm fine with that. Some people wouldn't be and I'm fine with that also.

  2. Griffin inserted himself into the story with predictably disastrous results. The law is an ass on the original case: anti discrimination law is not about tolerance but about government enforced thought policing. B & B owners should be perfectly entitled to run their house as they see fit- they didn't even refuse to take the two gay guys, they just wanted them in separate beds in THEIR house. This same asinine law was used to force the closure of Catholic adoption agencies in Britain. Griffin unfortunately targeted the gay couple instead of the law because he is an idiot. result is the story now is about Griffin's actions, not the law.