Monday, 22 October 2012

Out of touch on twitter

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This was meant to be posted the other day, but due to me getting sidetracked and having a date (that went badly) it is finally getting posted today.

I am not a fan of Mr Campbell, however i did find myself in agreement with him ( on this topic) , Twitter and social networks are fantastic, I have been on twitter a year and have engaged with people i never dreamed of, It has opened up possibility that i never knew existed, hell it has even responsible for this blog being here (tho was a bit drunk when i first decided to do it) . If it wasn't for twitter i would not own 3 books (Animal farm, The River Cottage Cookbook and The End of politics ) , ok i have only managed to read one of them (tho it was bloody brilliant) but it has opened my eyes to stuff i had never even thought of.

Ok, i may be a pain in the arse sometimes and i can ask stupid questions ( well stupid to you) but the knowledge that is available and the fact it is so instant means that news breaks there before the news channels these days.

Of course it has its bad side, death threats, bullying and the mob mentality can happen, but i still contend that twitter is a good thing, Well good until politicians and political parties get involved, you see us plebs wont fall for spin and bullshit that they get away with in the MSM, we will go places that they dont want to, we will try and hold them to account when local or national media have failed. As you can understand they dont like it, how do they respond? They use the "block" option (fair enough) , but what does it say when they cant debate honestly with people from the real world?

I have been blocked by (Mainly) Lefties/Labour types because i dare challenge them, yep, the single fact of disareeing with a Leftie can get you blocked, the party of the working class is freezing out erm working class voters. The other problem with this is that they end up only talking/debating to like minded folk (people who dont disagree) or journalists from newspapers (their are a few notable exceptions ).

With trust in politicians at a low (see the latest "rentswapping" scandal) you would hope that they would try and engage a bit more , but no, they use twitter like they use the MSM, stick to the lines they have been told to say and call anyone who disagrees a "troll". I personally dont care that much as it reenforces my view that they are all mainly out of touch, it means when i am asked about i give a negative view of parliament and those that are elected to the place.

Politicians have been rumbled and the "block" option is just burying their heads in the sand.
Graphic borrowed from Guido Fawkes

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