Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Labour MP accuses Tories of mass murder!

Well according to thefreedictionary this MP has just accused the Tories of :

" slaugh·ter  (slôtr)
1. The killing of animals especially for food.
2. The killing of a large number of people; a massacre: "I could not give my name to aid the slaughter in this war, fought on both sides for grossly material ends" (Sylvia Pankhurst).
tr.v. slaugh·tered, slaugh·ter·ing, slaugh·ters
1. To kill (animals) especially for food; butcher.
a. To kill (people) in large numbers; massacre.
b. To kill in a violent or brutal manner.

[Middle English, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse sltr, butchery.]"
Am so loving this "One Nation" Labour Party!

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  1. Unfortunately, you do need to "strive" for something that is economically viable. I'm sure the manufacturers of steam trains were strivers too. And Betamax video recorders.

    It is the government's job to put in place an environment where hard work, risk-taking and clever entrepreneurialism can thrive. Not to prop up your failing business with taxpayers money.