Tuesday, 30 April 2013

We Are All Fascists

Well according to York Vision we are :
The York University funded paper has published this piece today by Ben Smith in which he says :

"Fascism, in essence, promotes strong leadership, and a kind of group solidarity that ostracises those who do not conform."

He then goes onto to say this

"Many of the most revered team successes in history have come about through the kind of fascist mentality that we are so quick to label abhorrent and evil. Even more striking is the extent to which strong sporting leaders are deified in our society, to such a degree that society even encourages the very fascist characteristics we are repeatedly forced to detest."

KT thinks those "fascist characteristics" could equally be applied to party politics, I dont think Mr Smith would say Ed Miliband/David Cameron/Nick Clegg are "fascists" (tho i could be wrong) , Strong leadership and teamwork are not exclusive to fascism.

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