Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Doing Charity Work? Thats Scabbing

Tomorrows it is "international workers day" and the UCLU will be closing most of its services in a show of respect, now despite claims that this is "unwarranted" and will "disadvantage" students another way forward was planned :

"a number of students have banded together to run coffee and cake stall on campus – outside of the closed cafes. The stall is being funded completely through donations and all proceeds are going to the excellent Macmillan Cancer Research charity. These efforts have attracted support from local businesses and they have even received the coffee needed as a donation from Starbucks."

KT sees nothing wrong with that, showing some initiative and getting local business on board is a good community thing to do, But it seems the loony left union are not happy campers, in their statement they say the following :

"Volunteering your time to raise money for charity and help your fellow students is good; allowing a corporation to cynically get on board so as to advertise to students, while it apparently cannot accord its staff a paid lunch break, is scabbing, and you should stop that. Reject Starbucks’ offer, and I will come and join you."

KT thinks there is no need to cry over spilt coffee and the union should stop being childish and do something for the good of the community for a change instead of whinging.

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