Friday, 5 April 2013

Something For The Weekend

Dunno about you but KT has not had the best week ever, It started of with *divide and rule* and ended with *divide and rule*, Be it attacking the class of people in the boat race from the left to the right holding up evil cunt Philpott as an example of people on benefits, KT has held his tongue over this because the whole thing is fucking depressing, KT has always said that as an adults we all have a duty to set children the best example possible, KT normally puts this at the feet of politicians but on this occasion is it not totally their fault, they are just being politicians ( deflecting blame to somewhere else), But then KT see party supporters pick up the slack and "attack attack attack", seriously, stop, step outside of yourself and look at what you are doing/saying.

KT has said it before and will say it again "This is not a left/right battle, this is people against the state/political class", but no, daily KT sees the "My tribe is better than your tribe" bollocks spouted from all tribes, meanwhile in the real world people go about their lives think that politicians are a bunch of lying thieves.

If only you could take of those rose tinted specs, just for once, just for once....

Anyway, here is something for the weekend

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