Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Those Pots Need Washing

KT really does bang his head against the desk sometimes and with the recent debate and new gimmicks by Government KT now has a big dent in his desk, Let KT first explain that KT believes in the free market and the free movement of labour, so here are our esteemed protectionist politicians talking about Immigration :

Video Via liarpoliticians

As you can see scapegoating immigrants and immigration is the new "in thing" for politicians (tho has been a theme on twitter since KT joined) , if you listen to some parties they give the impression that if not for those immigrants everything would be ticktey boo in the UK.

Now while KT agrees with concerns that benefits are too generous (tho the 25k benefit cap is a start) KT disagrees with most rubbish these people come out with, Instead of telling the truth about immigration politicians have been forced to adopt the lines like this :

Via Clive MEHull

KT hears many say that biz has to much regulation and KT agrees, as someone who believes in the free market KT sees regulation as a pain in the arse (not a good pain in the arse either) , free market lovers claim to be anti regulation, in fact lefties love to point us to Tories wanting less regulation in the banking sector, as KT said KT said he supports free market, but KT also said he supports the free movement of labour as well and this is where KT gets puzzled at "free market" supporters, they seem to want tight regulation in regard to the free movement of labour,  their main complaint is that "Immigrants steal our jobs" this puzzles KT as KT cannot find any documents saying that you are allocated a specific job and that an immigrant has then "stolen" someones allocated job.
A few years ago KT worked in hotel kitchens ( not the best job for having a social life) it was OK, free food ( and quality food at that), cabs home and pay above NMW (abit not by much) , KT was told numerous times by the person involved in hiring people that "at least with foreign people they turn up and do what they are paid to do" they told me that so many times they have offered jobs to homegrown people that then dont turn up on time or turn up once or twice then never again, why? because they thought the job was "below" them, well as readers who use hotels know a good dinner at the hotel is always needed, if there is one person not on shift in hotel kitchen in can cause absolute chaos, it means someone else has to do that job ( even if it is pot washing), it means Chef swears and shouts even louder and it means people go home later.

KT asks this to those that want tight regulation on immigrants, why should a Hotel Boss have to choose exclusively from Jeremy Kyle Chavs when looking to fill a role? Why cant that boss choose the candidate based on merit and who the boss thinks is best for the job, hell it may be a Chav, but let him have the choice.

The problem we have is coward politicians not be able to say the truth, the reason people dont have a job is that they are simply unemployable, If you wont wash those pots in the hotel kitchen dont complain then that the hotel has to hire an immigrant!

If Immigrants are working then they are paying for public services they use, all the hotel boss cares about is that the pile of pots gets washed and the guests have great stay.

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