Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Owen Jones Does Not Care Who Picks Up The Tab

Owen Jones seems a nice lad (even tho he has blocked me on twitter, i wont hold it against him), but he has this problem of peddling bullshit, here he is talking about "austerity" :

Video via Guido Fawkes

The problem KT has with this is the fact the State is spending over 600 billion a year, how much more of our money do you want the state to spend Mr Jones?

Someone has to pay the bill, as Lady Thatcher said :

             "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money"

But to people like Mr Jones that does not register, he and the left have no regard for who picks up the bill after their spending spree, KT`s only wish is that the current Government had a different plan.....

Update : Quick on the trigger Mr Jones "Favorited" this tweet when KT sent out this post :
  KT wonders how Mr Jones saw the tweet so quickly, does he search his name on twitter? must have a big "ego" then ( twitter followers will get that) ;) 


  1. Rather odd to favourite a tweet by someone you've blocked!

  2. Owen Jones strikes me as that perpetual sixth former who is more interested in forming cliques around the common room table than actually bothering to learn anything.