Thursday, 9 May 2013

Farage U-Turn?

KT wrote this short post a few days ago, in it Nigel Farage says he will stand for MP in 2015 (link )

Via liarpoliticians

Thats clear as crystal right?

Well in this piece in the Telegraph he rows back on that saying :

"We want to get Ukip a voice in the House of Commons.
But asked whether he intends to run in any by-election there, he said: “I won’t, no. Even though I think we are going to win it, I won’t run.”
“I think it would be a very good thing to have another high-profile figure in Ukip and not me. People see and hear far too much of me from Ukip. There is talent around the place and we need to see and hear more of them.” 

So Nigel has gone from saying he will stand in 2015 for Commons to saying that "People see and hear too much from me from UKIP" and that other talent must get a chance.

After dumping his parties flagship flat tax policy the other week and now a u-turn on this can you really believe that UKIP are any different to the other parties? 

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  1. He's saying he won't run in a by-election but he will run in 2015... Seems quite non-contradictory to me??

    Shame they're less non-contradictory when it comes to their policies