Friday, 31 August 2012

Gordon Cameron

Con home is changing its comments policy :

Now, to be fair i don't visit Con Home that much, not because of the comment policy but because after coming to power, the party and some of the right wing/right of centre/ Cameron fans have morphed into the last labour government.

I do fully agree with the statement *set up own blogs* , In fact i would recommend it, I have found the experience so liberating.

But is this also a sign that the Tories are sticking their fingers in their ears? dissent not tolerated?   Pushing those on the edge of the party further away?

It is not for me to tell Con Home how to run their site, yet i can still offer an opinion.

Con Home (like the tory party) need to start listening and the Tory party need to stop acting like the labour rabble opposite. There is only so much *not being labour* will carry the current Government.

I like many celebrated with a drink when Gordon Brown resigned on the steps of number 10 :

But apart from change of person and sides on which they sit in parliament you cant really notice the difference in policy. Our debt is going to be double what it was when the coalition came to power by the time the next election arrives.

Some on the right say *oh its those pesky Lib Dems* or *voters dont understand* etc. sorry, your wrong, what this voter sees is the same type of waste, cronyism and general piss-taking by the state of the taxpayer.

Since getting to understand politics better (using inter-web) a few years ago, i have gone from wanting Labour out (10p tax rate one main reason) to losing all faith in any of the parties. Maybe the Tories and Labour were once noble  parties ( even if misguided depending on your point of view) but now they are just used by careerist politician types to enrich themselves at taxpayers expense.

Some on the right mock the Americans by saying *Hows that hope and change thing workin out for you* ( and yes i have used that) but are we really in a better position?

Which brings me to this, Remember when (in oppo) the Tories and Lib Dems made faux outrage and noise about civil libs, we should have guessed it was bullshit just after the election when a fresh faced MP suggested this :

"Louise Mensch the Conservative MP and one of parliament's more active Twitter users, has backed David Cameron's call for social networking services to be shut down temporarily during civil disorder.
Mensch, the MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire and a novelist, used Twitter to call for a "brief temporary shutdown" of Twitter and Facebook to stop unfounded rumours being spread, as she said had occurred in Northamptonshire last week during the riots that spread from London to several cities across England.
"Common sense. If riot info and fear is spreading by Facebook & Twitter, shut them off for an hour or two, then restore. World won't implode," she said."

Of course the fact she was backing David Cameron ( the one who claims to be a Conservative) should not surprise anyone. It just showed that we have bandwagon jumping MPs instead of those with conviction (not that type of conviction)  and beliefs.



  1. OMG !!!

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    Why TF u do that then , Botty ??

    How I gonna get latest post on here then , clever-clogs ???

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  2. They have simply just carried on where Labour left. It's much the same as it was really.

    The one thing that gets me is the constant negativity from Labour to policies that they introduced (fit for work, for example). Really cannot get my head around that at all.

    In truth, I had hoped for better from them - but whatever. Still, a decent cabinet shuffle may enthuse me a little. Or perhaps more #Struass4Corby's. ;)

  3. Very good blog post. The career politician entities have morphed into one self-serving, false-promising, hypocritical mass.