Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Freedom of press and Prince Harry

 While this blog brought you the video last evening I would like to say how pleased i was that Guido Fawkes chose to publish these pics.

The freedom of the press means they do have the right to choose the news they bring us.

The problem comes when one person can send a letter and then the whole media obey the wishes that one person ( even if they represent maybe more than one person). Prince Harry and his family do get taxpayers money so i think they are *fair play*, we need a free press, we also need one that publishes without fear or favor.

Without Lord Leveson reporting the main stream media is now shit scared.

When i wrote this about anon blogging this is one of the reasons why, i want to make my own judgement on stories, i want my readers to judge whether I have overstepped the mark.

My fear is that soon the internet and all media are regulated by the state.

We can stop that, we , as individual bloggers/tweeters have a voice/space to speak. I might be Anon (i do this through choice) , you don't have to be if you want.

This is what this about, its about how you make your own choices, stop relying on the state to do it for you. If you don't like a publication the best thing you can do is not to buy it.

Lets put the media on a fair footing, lets put it to the test.

Let the market decide.

Just for the record i thought Prince Harry looked quite hot in those pictures :)

Video via liarpoliticians

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