Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Cameron Labels party as untrustworthy

I kid you not, this from the BBC website says :

"The Conservative Party should not be trusted by voters, according to a Tory councillor in North Somerset.
In a e-mail sent by Councillor Don Cameron, of Portishead Town Council, the Conservative Party has been accused of "corrupt" practice.
It follows a row over the purchase of a minibus and an office rental in Nailsea which led to disciplinary action."

It goes on to say :

 "There is something rotten at the centre of the Conservative Party" he wrote, and "we can never be deserving of the electorate's confidence while this persists".

Maybe its because the leader is not a Conservative?

"The problems emerged last year, when the running of the NSCA was taken over by Conservative Central Office following a row over the purchase of a minibus for Liam Fox MP's election campaign.
Issues were also raised over the rental of an office, at association headquarters on Nailsea High Street.
The minibus had been bought in 2010 for £5,000 but later developed faults and was sold at a loss of £3,500.
As a result the then chairman and president Chris Allcock and Councillor Carl Pester were both barred from holding association office for three years, along with three trustees being stripped of party membership.
An extraordinary meeting of the association is due to be called next month where the future of the remaining trustees will be decided."


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  1. Sounds like another Cameron we know.
    Only he won't come right out and admit it.