Friday, 24 August 2012

What a dildo!

This story from thisiscroydontoday is just bizarre;

" A THIEVING drug addict who stole a £49 sex toy while shopping with his pregnant girlfriend blamed the welfare state for his crime of passion."

"The prosecution said: "Mr Friend-Huggett went to Ann Summers with his girlfriend when he proceeded to the vibrator section of the store. He then put a vibrator up his jumper and left the shop with no intention to pay for it.
"He was arrested and told police he wasn't at Ann Summers at the time and was, instead, at a drug rehabilitation programme.
"He then insisted that it was not him that was in the shop, but his twin brother."
Friend-Huggett, however, pleaded guilty to the offence on Monday.
His defence explained: "The reason he committed this offence is because he and his girlfriend were not receiving their benefits at the time and they have no money.
"His girlfriend is nine weeks pregnant and this crime was not drug-motivated."
Friend-Huggett was sentenced to a 12-month community order as well as a six-month drug rehabilitation programme."

 I would have had some sympathy had he been stealing a loaf of bread or some fruit, but a vibrator? I know Ann Summers are good, but to steal from them?

The reason i said sympathy is that i have been without money, homeless and have had battles with drugs ( i won that one). I am not saying it is acceptable ever, just saying i have been without money before ( long time ago) , and i have written about it before on the blog.

Then again maybe he thought he could sell it second hand. 

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