Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thursday thoughts ( sort off)

Reading this blog i was struck by a paragraph :

"Ryan lied uncontrollably, but that’s not terribly important. It undermines our democracy and the basic norms of the American political system, but no one seems to care anymore. Ryan thinks we’re idiots, but his cynicism matters less than the electoral implications."

You could change the names and country to anywhere in the world and it would fit in well.

Politicians do think we are idiots and gullible, well they are right. a large proportion of my fellow citizens still endorse them at the ballot box ( i actually include myself in that). Time after time it has been shown that the state usually causes more problems than it solve, it has also been shown that they cannot be trusted with your rights and freedom. But we all want someone to blame i guess, i mean it is easier to blame them instead of taking your own responsibility.

The blame culture will stay with us a long time until we stand up one by one and say *my life is a mess because of mistakes i myself made*, and boy have i made shit loads of mistakes along the way, the point is they are mistakes that i made not anyone else.

Politicians will always lie, cheat and steal, for some reason it is in the genes. The media will always be biased (left/right etc) to its own side, it is down to us as individual citizens to hold them to account ourselves.

I am reminded of this tune from a few years ago :


About a decade after i first heard it i finally get it.

No matter what happens around the world we all find a way of coping with events placed in front of us, sometimes its luck/fate and sometimes its because you have good people round you.

I have talked before how twitter opened my eyes up to a whole new world i found their was a world out there that i hadn't known existed, i felt i had got closer to a glass ceiling that i never would have dreamed of. I also got frustrated because i haven't smashed tho yet, then i reliesed that i should only get frustrated if i stop trying to break it.

As you know ( and i have said before) i have zero educational qualifications and have been in the odd spot of bother before, i aint gonna ever be a CEO or a Politician or anything special but i aint looking for that ( to be honest i dont know what i am looking for) i want to explore, learn and find out what stuff is out there.

Anyway the one thing i have learnt is that you never give up. 

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