Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Labour MP sticks to script instead of facts!

Sorry Karl, you talking tosh!

"Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has been mocked by Tories and members of other parties, after he and the vast majority of Labour MPs couldn't be bothered to vote on a motion in the Commons on Monday night on a motion relating to the scrapping of the 50p tax rate.
Speaking at the start of four days of Budget debate in the Commons last Thursday, Balls said: "There will be a vote next week, we will vote against the 50p. It's the wrong tax cut at the wrong time."
But when SNP and Plaid Cymru MPs forced a surprise late-night vote on the proposed new income tax rates on Monday night, no more than a couple of Labour MPs were among the 22 registering their opposition.
That meant a Government victory by a majority of 297, sparking taunts from Tory and nationalist MPs that Labour had capitulated in its opposition to reducing the rate to 45p for £150,000-plus salaries."

Back to school!

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