Saturday, 25 August 2012

This weeks football "fan".

Today a so-called West Ham fan decided to give the West Ham players his opinion after the 3-0 defeat to Swansea, well when i say opinion i actually mean moronic and immature.

Here is what he sent to Carlton Cole :

 As you can guess this has caused people to be outraged and demanding he be banned from twitter.

Let me make it clear i find his words idiotic, moronic and brainless and i personally would not use those words in that order and direct them at someone. I don't think he should be banned by twitter, I would advise that West Ham players block him personally from their twitter feeds ( yes, twitter has a block option), i would also advise West Ham Untied to ban him from the ground. I do not want to see him arrested by the police nor have to face charges, but he may end up doing so.

Why not? Because the freedom of speech means the freedom to offend and the freedom to make yourself look like a total moron. And this is what @owliehammer has done, he has made himself look like a sad and pathetic young man, indeed if you look further down his timeline you find lots of examples :


This the the level of his intelligence.

Yes he is an idiot and writes stuff i would NEVER dream of! But even mindless moronic idiots deserve the freedom of speech.

I thought about whether to write about this or not, by writing it i am giving him the publicity he seeks yet by not writing it we will see this happen again and again.

See if we give in to the mob mentality and ban all of those that "offend" someone else then eventually we wont be able to criticize the Government of the day. This for me is why freedom of speech is so important to me and i will continue to blog about it.

I have also blogged before about bloggers getting death threats and the fact some people seem surprised that it happens.

           "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

I try and mention this quote on most blogs about free speech because it hits the nail on the head, as i have said before i have even supported the freedom of speech when it would be easier to stay silent.

The freedom of speech is easy to support when you agree with what is said, the test comes when you don't agree with what is said.

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