Friday, 31 August 2012

Value for money at the seaside?

As some readers will know i have been taking an interest in Brighton and Hove Council since i heard about this story , We know that they locked up an 80 year old pensioner for ten days for non payment of 3k council tax from a decade ago.

Anyway, i thought i would have a look at what the council spends its money on. So i had look here and came across this :

Now Experain list these as Business services :

Anyway there was nothing for June but there was for May :

Thats roughly 27k in two months.

I am not saying they have done anything illegal here, but when you see these figures remember they locked up a Pensioner for non payment of 3K from her deceased husband a decade ago. Were they really that desperate for that 3K?

I have a feeling that we may be seeing more of Brighton and Hove Councils spending soon.

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  1. Experian. A credit vetting company I used to use in my banking days.

    Since then they have expanded into debt recovery. No doubt this will be in respect of recovering unpaid council tax, a service they should be able to undertake themselves. One wonders if any was to recover unpaid council house rents. I imagine not.

    Wonder why?