Tuesday, 21 August 2012

No George, You are the Idiot!

George, you really do not know when to stop.

First of all i had always enjoyed listening to you ( even if i disagreed ), But on this just stop.

I was abused for years and still went back.

You and Tony Benn have always struck me as intelligent people, but by deploying this defense is purely BNP style.  

Also, can i congratulate you and Tony and comrades in doing so much harm to the seriousness of sexual crimes, as a victim of rape and sexual abuse i can say to you that many more men and women will not report what happened to them because of words that you have said.

Mr Galloway, you have been elected by the people and will be judged by the people ( at the ballot box) , but be in no mistake you have made yourself look like an idiot on this whole subject.

" “We will never surrender a person to the death penalty,” the deputy director of the Service for Criminal Cases and International Cooperation of Sweden’s Justice Ministry said in an interview with the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper on Tuesday.
This means there should be strict guarantees from the US government that “the prisoner will not be executed in any case,” added Cecilia Riddselius. But, she added, so far her country has not received any extradition request from Washington. "

That quote from here .

Think that has cleared that up.

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