Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Why Not Me?

Yeah, sometimes i write of the cuff, well here i am.

I am bit pissed of with me today, why? well let me explain.

This morning we heard the sad news that Christopher-Martin-Jenkins passed away

"His friend and colleague Jonathan Agnew said on Twitter: "Desperately sad to tell you that CMJ died peacefully this morning".
The news was also reported by the BBC, where Martin-Jenkins worked as a commentator on Test Match Special.
He also worked as a cricket correspondent for both the Daily Telegraph and The Times during his career.
Martin-Jenkins was given an MBE in 2009 and served as the MCC's president in 2010 and 2011. The official account of Lord's tweeted this morning: "Former MCC President Christopher Martin-Jenkins has died. Sad, sad news to start the new year."
Martin-Jenkins' son Robin was a professional cricketer for Sussex until his retirement in 2010, making 162 first class appearances for the county."

 Only a few days Tony Greig passed away

"Former England cricket captain Tony Greig has died after suffering a heart attack on Saturday morning. He was 66.
Greig was rushed to St Vincent's hospital in Sydney but was pronounced dead shortly afterwards. A spokesman David Faktor told the Sydney Morning Herald: "The staff of the emergency department worked on Mr Greig to no avail."
Greig, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in October, had admitted the prognosis was "not good" when speaking to his colleagues at Channel Nine in Australia, where he commentated for over 30 years, last month. But his death still came as a shock to his friends and colleagues."

But before that we had the sad and shocking news about Tom Maynard 

"It is believed that Tom Maynard, 23, who plays for Surrey and was widely tipped to be a future England international, was stopped by officers in the early hours of the morning for driving erratically.
The sportsman allegedly ran off on foot and managed to give police the slip. However, less than an hour later he was hit by a Tube train near Wimbledon Park station in south-west London."

Each time i hear or learn of a person that passes away i do grieve, not always for the reason it happened or what they stood for, not even for being successful, I grieve for one reason ( and yes its selfish) , The reason is that those that have passed away are a hundred million times better than me, they have lived a more fulfilling life, done more good that i have or will ever do, yet i am still here. This really gets me ( dont get me wrong i do not want to die and am not going to do anything silly) , See these people deserve so much more, more happiness, more love and respect.

Many times people try and convince me that a "God" exists, sorry, if *God* had any compassion he/she would never allow the good to die so young?

We have become politicos instead of people....


Why not me, I don't get it?????

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