Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Owen Jones Explains Social Justice

Nice place under Chavez, right?

Here is HRW on some aspects of the Chavez rule

"The weakening of Venezuela’s democratic system of checks and balances under President Hugo Chávez has contributed to a precarious human rights situation. Without judicial checks on its actions, the government has systematically undermined the right to free expression, workers’ freedom of association, and the ability of human rights groups to protect rights.
Weeks before the new National Assembly—with a substantial opposition composition—took office in January 2011, Chávez’s supporters in the legislature adopted several laws that increased the government’s ability to undercut rights.
Police abuses and impunity remain a grave problem. Prison conditions are deplorable, and fatality rates high due to inmate violence."

And this caught my eye

"The government has abused its control of broadcasting frequencies to punish radio and television stations with overtly critical programming. In 2009 the government broadcasting authority CONATEL closed 32 radio stations and reported that over 200 others were under review, without providing a list of the stations being investigated. Several stations have since limited their critical programming. In November 2011 CONATEL suspended several radio stations while it investigated them, but no additional stations had been closed at this writing."

It seems like Mr Jones agrees with other Socialists , What are you sad about?????

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  1. But don't you know? All methods of achieving true socialism are justifiable!