Sunday, 22 December 2013

Sunday Catch Up

Some opinion on news :

Graeme Swann quits cricket in the middle of Ashes tour, KT wishes him and his family well for the future but KT is wondering whether he quit before he was dropped (his form has been of since beginning of year), The big question is why the England management allowed this to happen now?

Prime Ministers Questions : The white middle aged millionaire won (as normal) .

Ed Miliband wants to get rid of some fruities (fruit machines) : KT asks how different is a fruit machine to the State? One takes your money by force......

West Ham lost against Man Utd , KT still backs big Sam, I cannot see any other manager that could do the job better than Sam, his experience will keep the mighty Hammers in the Premier League.

Duck Dynasty : KT supports the freedom of speech but finds it hard to take seriously a man who takes lectures from a man wearing a frock who passes on messages from a sky fairy. 

And that wont cost you a penny ;) 

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