Friday, 6 December 2013

Dark Days

Fuck me, my life is a mess, last week i wrote about my mental illnes , in that post i wrote about how i thought about killing myself :

  "For the last two nights i have spent 2-3 hours thinking about the best way to kill myself before i have managed to get to sleep, Do I overdose? Jump in front of a train? Jump of a building? Take poison? Cut my wrists?,"

Well Wednesday morning i lost that battle, weakness engulfed me and i sat and swallowed all my medication :

I also done a packet of painkillers but even then i fucked that up, i am still here, still breathing and still annoying people.

KT has got a few days to settle a personal debt that at the moment he cant settle.

Queen sung the song "Only the good die young", in that case i will still be here in 200 years.

 No matter the situation you can always count on KT to screw it up!

Update : A kind follower has offered to lend KT the money, KT is grateful and thankful :) xxx

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