Friday, 7 December 2012


Today started like any other on my long standing website, A Tangled Web. There were a few posts on the moral obscenity of appeasing terrorists and the foolishness of leftist economics. Plus ca change. Then, this afternoon, I tried to log on to my site only to discover it was unavailable. I contacted the host, a company called Arrivex, only to be casually informed that the site was now suspended because it had been complaints of racism and harrassing content had been confirmed.

How interesting. Naturally the host had not  contacted me nor provided any information on the allegations that led to this “confirmation” – I think this is called summary justice. The truly remarkable aspect that it is my view that the person behind this complaint has been BANNED by the site for his persistent trolling. So, one deranged troll can close down a site that seeks to provide free speech and the owner has no opportunity of rebuttal.  If you think this is unfair, can you do me a favour and contact and demand that they reinstate the site pending a proper consultation with the site owner. Failing this, Arrvixe must be shown as the enemy of free speech. I hope you can help me.       

David ( DVATW



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  1. Never posted on the site in my life but when I complained about it today I was told that a separate ticket had been raised and an investigation was ongoing. Your theory about a disgruntled troll may well be true but there is certainly more than one registered objection.