Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More Bull From the Beast

Dennis Skinner sometimes makes a good point, in PMQS today he asked

"Does the Prime Minister still intend to introduce the snooper’s charter, euphemistically known as the communications data Bill? Does he realise that he and his Government will be spying on more people in Britain than all the press barons put together? Where did he get his advice and this idea from? Was it down at Wapping? Was it his friends down there—Rupert, Tony, and Rebekah?"

 Video via liarpoliticians

However, it seems he was just playing politics with it, according to TheyWorkForYou he

        "Voted moderately for introducing ID cards."

And Wiki says of that

    " The introduction of the scheme was much debated, and various degrees of concern about the scheme were expressed by human rights lawyers, activists, security professionals and IT experts, as well as politicians. Many of the concerns focused on the databases underlying the identity cards rather than the cards themselves. The Act specified fifty categories of information that the National Identity Register could hold on each citizen,[2] including up to 10 fingerprints, digitised facial scan and iris scan, current and past UK and overseas places of residence of all residents of the UK throughout their lives and indices to other Government databases (including National Insurance Number[3]) – which would allow them to be connected. The legislation on this resident register also said that any further information could be added."

 It Looks like Mr Skinner, Cameron got the idea from the party you support and the idea that you have already voted for.....

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