Wednesday, 12 December 2012

No Waste?

So i saw this story earlier :

It says

"Their duties include consulting residents to determine local priorities and coming up with plans to tackle them."

But there is more

"Nottingham City Council said the roles were comparable to its 21 neighbourhood development officers, who are paid between £26,000 and £29,000 a year.
Notts County Council employs five community engagement officers, who earn between £24,646 and £28,636. Their duties include helping residents to set up community groups and help identifying and access funding.
Mansfield District Council also has a community engagement manager, who earns between £24,646 and £28,636, and a community engagement and communications officer, who is paid between £17,161 and £21,519."

You got it, the councillors are employing unelected people to do their job for them!

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