Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Billy`s Beg For Money

Regular readers will know KT has had a rough time since just before christmas, this has all ended up with KT having to move out (actually was kicked out) of where he lived, KT has found another place to live but is short of the deposit so am asking, no begging readers to either share the post or/and donate anything they can to assist.

Political Blogger Guido Fawkes was one of the first to contribute (and was one of the people who got me into politics and blogging) and KT is very grateful for his and all donations.

Due to time constraint this campaign only has today and tomorrow to run so anything you can do to help would be appreciated a lot :)

Note : Normal blogging will resume once KT has settled and is sorted, KT would like to thank readers for patience and understanding during this time of chaos.

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  1. At some point you will have to start taking responsibility for your actions